Even though we were running out of time, after not loving Peace Cafe, we decided we should try the third vegan restaurant in Honolulu in an effort to go out on a high note so we walked over to Loving Hut on our last day in Hawaii and crossed our fingers. 

We were not disappointed.

Arthur ordered a lunch combo that included two items and rice ($8.25).  He chose Sweet & Sour Hapa and Brocco Pua.

I ordered the Fabulous Pho ($8.95) and we got Golden Nuggets ($4.95) to share.

The nuggets were hot and crispy and they came with a creamy, tangy, slightly spicy dipping sauce.  So good!

The Pho lived up to its name; it was fabulous.  Many times I have had vegetarian soup and the broth was bland.  Not so with the fabulous Pho!  The soup was savory, with just the right amount of rice noodles, different mock meats, tofu, fungi, mushrooms, and vegetables.  It was served with fresh Thai basil, lime, hot peppers, and bean sprouts on the side and they also brought me a bottle of vegetarian Hoisin sauce.  I was really impressed with the Pho.

Arthur’s lunch combo was also really good.  The sweet and sour sauce could have used a bit more sour but the mock meat and veggies were good, and the Brocco Pua was peppery and delicious. 

For dessert we decided to share an orange creamsicle cupcake.  The cake itself was a bit heavy (not unusual for vegan cake) but nice and the icing was sweet and creamy even though it was beginning to melt a little in the heat.

We really liked Loving Hut very much and left feeling a bit sad since thought we’d probably never get another chance to eat there, but just yesterday I found out that they have not just one, but two Loving Hut restaurants right here in Toronto!  Hurrah! (also, how did I not know this until now?)  


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